My MANy Shoes For Sale #01 (SOLD)

Below: Drool Worthy Orange Box...

Below: It's a gorgeous pair of Hermès Grey Canvas Espadrilles with Tiger embroidery...

Below: A slight heel for an elegant look...edges of wooden sole is trim with raffia:-) Leather trimming along inside of shoe.

Below:As seen below, the shoe is brand new. Wooden sole is smooth and with no abrasions.
No scratches...means never been worn:-)

Below: It's size 41

Below: Very fine tiger motif embroided to the shoe. I love this detailing.

Below: Hermès label on the inside of the shoe...

Below: Comes with dustbag...

Below: Even the box is pristine and nice...

Below: Espadrilles were prominently featured on Hermès Spring Summer 2009...

Below: How Espadrilles looking cool for a summery look...

Hermes Espadrille Quilian Toile De Cotton (Grey Canvas Espadrilles) (SOLD)

It is with great sadness that I have to do this post. Just when I found a great pair of Hermès shoes in a colour I like, a design that I have been lusting over since the beginning of Spring Summer 2009 and best of all, at an incredible price(!), I have to part with it. Although this gorgeous pair of Hermès Grey Canvas Espadrilles is not from the current season, it has thr same design as the current ones but with an interesting Tiger embroidery on the front (coincidentally, that is my chinese horoscope sign! It was meant for me but fates has it another way!) Darn, I am so reluctant to part with this shoe but I have to, as the size was simply too big for me.

I bought the shoe which was 1 size bigger than what I usually wear, in hopes of using in-soles to make the shoe tighter. I like it so much, I was willing to take a chance that the in-soles will work in my favour to make the shoe fit. Apparently, my gamble did not pay off. Even with in-soles, the shoe is somewhat still too loose for my feet. Why can't I have slightly bigger fit! This pair of espadrilles is in size 41 (but I wear a size 40).

Since the shoe did not fit, I am hoping someone else will get to enjoy them as I find them great when paired with shorts or jeans. Cinderella story comes to life?:-P If you wear a size 41, and interested in owning a pair of Hermès at a great price, do email me.

They are probably from a few seasons back but the style was repeated for Spring Summer 2009 season, except without the embroidery (which I find very nice and exotic) and with laces.

Shoe size: 41

Original price: SGD $580

My sale price: SGD $250

(Drop me an email @ curveorange@gmail.com if you are interested in this bag. At this point in time, I can only sell within Singapore. Thanks to overseas buyers who are interested. In the future, I will try to ship internationally.:-P)

Source: Frillr, Facehunter