My MANy Bags FOR SALE #05 (SOLD)

Miu Miu Khaki Green Canvas And Brown Suede Sling Bag (SOLD)

Another bag uncovered from my bag family. This sling pouch like bag is from the first Miu Miu men's collection way back when it started. I still remember Miu Miu mens was a breath of fresh air for menswear and a 'saviour' for slim men like myself. Before Miu Miu, I could never find anything fitted enough for my slim frame. It was frustrating. Upon first reading it on the US GQ magazine, I begin to take notice of this very interesting brand, a diffusion line from Prada, finally available to men. To my surprise, Miu Miu had a store back then at Forum, the shopping mall (where the present Diesel boutique is). It was nostalgia. I was frequenting that store so often, eventually the SAs knew me really well. Jane was one of them. She even help me to get the VIP discount for all labels under the Prada management. Now Jane has been transferred to Prada Paragon. I am still happy to be able to enjoy her good sales service after her Miu Miu work days.:-)

Enough flashbacks. More about the bag. This pouch like sling bag features canvas and suede construction. The front part and base of the bag is mainly suede with a zip pocket across. The top flap, sides and shoulder strap is khaki green canvas lined with a mesh spongy material(usually use in sports shoes for cushioning). It's a very unusual mix of materials which propels Miu Miu menswear to the spotlight back then. A snap plastic buckle and velcro fastening allows for strap adjustments, but not too extensively. This bag is meant to be slung hugging the body. Velcro fastening applied to the opening of the bag as well. The interior of the bag is lined with nylon material so it is very lasting and easy to clean. No other pockets within the bag as you already find an external zipped pocket. The zips has a zipper pull in rubberised plastic moulded with Miu Miu branding. Miu Miu branding is also embossed onto the suede on the front.

Now for the condition of the bag. As I have owned this bag since the inception of Miu Miu menswear in Spring 1999. So it has been almost ten years! Oh my. The general condition of the bag is considerably good. No major wear and tear. The corners have very slight abrasions from use. But since the bag is in canvas, it is definitely not prominent. The khaki green canvas is suppose to be rugged so that blends in very well. The most prominent supposed flaw is the rubbing off of the suede's brown colour onto the white label of the bag. I have stored the bag flat and it seems the brown colour transferred onto the label. Beyond that, the bag is in a good condition.

Dimensions of the bag: 26.5cm (w) x 29.5cm (h) x 10cm (depth) Shoulder strap at maximum length is 106cm. But to be nicely fasten, 100cm is ideal.

Original price: Approx. SGD $460

My Sale Price: SGD $160