My MANy Bags FOR SALE #18 (SOLD)

Below: New version features a less appealing brown lining with LV branding on the shoulder strap

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Broadway Bag - Red Lining Version (SOLD)

Up for parting ways again, is this almost brand new Louis Vuitton Broadway bag bought from a number of years back. This edition of the broadway messenger bag is no longer being produced. This older version has a red fabric lining and no loud Louis Vuitton branding on the shoulder strap. The new versions features a less outstanding and dull brown lining and with huge LV branding on the shoulder straps (A bit too flashy for me). I much prefer this older version since the red lining makes the bag pop when opened and is less subtle on branding!:-)

Reason why I am parting with this baby...I have only used it once the entire time I own this bag. Messenger bag is not my style this will have to make way to clear storage space and for $ for new bags!:-) I am this 'heartless'. So I hope this handsome bag finds a good new home.

My sale price: SGD $1350 (LV stores sells the bag for SGD $1710 and LV never goes on sale)

(Drop me an email @ if you are interested in this bag. At this point in time, I can only sell within Singapore. Thanks to overseas buyers who are interested. In the future, I will try to ship internationally.:-P)